On a warm, windy Indian summer afternoon, Peaches evolved out of her tired body, leaving peacefully after a beautiful ceremony. After ten years, her hips finally gave out, but to the very end, she was loving, alert, had a great appetite and a noble and stoic approach to her worsening condition.

Peaches was at home in her Ojai living room when she passed, surrounded by white roses and daisies, candles, tapestries, an altar and photos of her, Whisky the dog and many of you. Alison and I spent the morning and afternoon with Peaches, taking her for a short walk (with a sling), enjoying a bowl of sausage and rice, talking and reading to her and finally being close to her as the vet and assistant very gently facilitated her departure.

The photo above was taken the night before her passing. She still looked like a four year old in her prime when she was lying down.

Thank you for being a part of Peaches' life. She'll be sorely missed.

There have been some very compassionate and professional people that have helped Peaches with their care and advice:

B. Dawson, owner, Noah's Apothecary, Ojai

Dr. Karen Martin, East West Vet Clinic, Thousand Oaks

Laura Stinchfield, Pet Psychic, Ojai

Kay and Randy Maxe, overnight boarding, Ojai

Dr. Matthew Bailey, Matilija Vet Hospital, Ojai